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The Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, APC focuses on employment law as a practice area due to their firm commitment to a fair and equitable workplace in Vancouver, Washington. Gainful employment is a basic need, and it should not be taken away from an employee because of bias. We are skilled, knowledgeable employment law attorneys who will work to protect your rights to work in a non-hostile atmosphere without fear of losing your paycheck without reason.

Wrongful Termination and Constructive Termination

Employment in Washington state is considered “at-will,” which means that a company can fire an employee for any reason except reasons that are defined as illegal, such as on the basis of sexual orientation, race, nationality or refusing to do something that breaks the law. If a termination is based upon being a member of a group that is protected from discrimination by law, that would constitute wrongful termination.

Resigning from your job due to intolerable working conditions, in some circumstances, that resignation may be considered a constructive termination or constructive discharge. If you were constructively terminated from your job, the law may apply just as if your employer fired you. This means you may have some rights that are not available to employees who resign for other reasons, including unemployment benefits and the right to file a lawsuit against your former employer for wrongful termination.

An employer cannot discriminate or terminate an individual due to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, or age. Whether you have been terminated due to discriminatory practices, or forced to resign due to a hostile work environment, you may have a case to recover damages.

Get Help from a Vancouver Employment Law Attorney

If you have been terminated, contact the Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, APC as soon as possible to book an appointment for a consultation. Proving a constructive termination or wrongful termination can be challenging and frequently requires the services of an attorney skilled in federal and state employment laws pertaining to civil and employment rights, as well as familiarity with cases and court rulings similar to yours.

If you are dealing with a hostile environment and intolerable working conditions that may be based on illegal discrimination, contact the Vancouver employment law attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, APC to discuss the circumstances and consider an appropriate strategy to dealing with your employer.

Legal time limits apply to wrongful termination and constructive termination cases, so contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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