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Employment laws in the state of Washington are meant to protect employees’ rights and prevent individual from being subjected to unfair employment practices. These laws matter little, though, if employers are too scared of losing their jobs, or facing other forms of retaliation by their companies, to report their employers when they are in the wrong. Whistle blower and retaliation laws protect individuals who come forward to report a company for breaking the law.

When you need a Vancouver wage law attorney to protect you from retaliation by your employer,  the Law Offices Of Scott A. Miller, APC can provide you with dedicated representation.

Vancouver Employment Law Attorney Protecting the Rights of Whistle Blowers

There are multiple reasons an employee might report their employers to the authorities. These include the employer operating the business illegally, including ignoring wage and overtime laws, discrimination or harassment by higher-ups, or that is allowed to go on without the harasser facing reprimands, and unsafe work conditions. When an employee turns an employer in for failing to meet their duties, or for breaking the law in some way, the Washington State Whistleblower Act prevents the employer from retaliating through these express means:

  • Firing or demotion
  • Pay cuts
  • Suspension
  • Changes in job duties
  • Refusal to assign staff needed for projects to those in management positions.

Any actions taken by an employer, though, which can be proven to be retaliatory in nature go against the Whistleblower Act, and employees are protected against those under the law.

Wage Law Attorney in Vancouver

Employers who are found to have violated the Washington State Whistleblower Act are subject to fines of up to $5,000 for each offense. More importantly to the employee, the act, and an employment attorney on your side, may protect the Whistleblower from losing his or her job, promotion, or severance package.

If you have blown the whistle on your employer, or believe you have been subject to retaliation due to complaints about working hours, an unsafe working environment, or wage violations, you do have protections under the law. Contact the Law Offices Of Scott A. Miller, APC to discuss your specific situation with your employer. The firms attorneys will listen to your side of the story, let you know where you stand legally-speaking, and guide you in the next steps to ensuring you do not have to live with consequences for doing the right thing.

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