Employee Wage Rights in Washington State

The Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, APC provides its clients with the highest caliber legal counsel and litigation services, with extensive experience in cases under state and federal employment discrimination, wage, and hour laws. We take great pride in our approach to promoting and protecting employee rights. At the Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, we have a thriving employment rights practice.

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As Vancouver wage law attorneys, the primary area of our law practice is representing employees in all matters of employment law including matters involving discrimination, wage violations, overtime payment, rest and meal break violations and timely payment of wages. Washington state is very specific regarding the following issues:

  • Wages – In Washington state, the minimum wage must be paid to both non-agricultural and agricultural jobs. 14- to 15-year olds can be paid at 85 percent of the minimum wage. Washington is one of only 10 states that makes adjustments to minimum wage according to inflation. The minimum wage in Seattle is higher than the state minimum wage.
  • Overtime Records – The employer bears the responsibility to keep accurate records regarding all hours of work, and this includes overtime hours. If the employer keeps no records, the employee can provide estimates to the overtime hours worked. As long as the estimates are reasonable, the courts must accept the estimate.
  • Rest and Meal Breaks – An employee is entitled to a paid rest break at least 10 minutes long for each four hours worked and at least a 30 minute meal break if their shift is longer than five hours. In addition, the break must be at least after two hours from the beginning of the shift to no longer than five hours after the beginning of the shift. Workers who must be on-call during their meal break are paid for that time.
  • Payment of Wages – An employer must pay wages at least once per month on established paydays. Payments may be delayed for the last seven days prior to a payday until the next payday. Payments must be made by midnight on the payday, or a check sent in the mail must be postmarked by midnight on payday.

Workers who feel that their employer is violation of these laws should contact a wage law attorney in Vancouver as soon as possible. The team at the Law Offices of Scott A. Miller is prepared to fiercely advocate for your rights as an employee in Washington state.

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The employment law attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott A. Miller understand your frustrations and anxieties when fighting against workplace violations. Regardless of the size of the company, no wage or discrimination complaint is a small matter when it happens to you. Our skilled attorneys are proud to assist workers with finding justice.

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